Looking for the best way to begin growing cannabis this year? We provide high-quality cannabis seedlings, teens and clones for sale in Redding, California. 

Whether growing in your backyard or need indoor setup, we deliver rooted, healthy plants to licensed cultivators and meet their unique growing needs. 

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How Clones Are Different From Seeds?

Seeds are easy to handle and deliver in Redding and nearby regions. Seeds are the most natural approach for growing your high-value plants from scratch. While clones are small cuttings of a mature plant that will grow into a new plant.

Seeds require more time to grow than a clone as you have to germinate it first before it grows into plants. 

On the other hand, clones are the best way to speed up the entire process. Choosing the correct gender mother plant will enable you to confirm the gender of your new plant. By working with clones, you are saving a little bit of time, unlike seeds. 

Once the root of the clones appears, you can almost precisely duplicate it by “cloning” it. Regardless of your needs, we have superior quality seeds and clones for sale in Redding and surrounding regions. 

How To Buy

Visit our website for the best strains, clones, teens, etc. to avoid dealing with Craigslist or Weedmaps. We are here to deliver high-quality products anywhere in California. 

Contact our professional team for the finest quality strains: 

  • Exclusively female product
  • Always given 2 weeks to root
  • Multiple payment modes with Cash on delivery available
  • Every clone must pass a ‘tug test’ before it’s ready to sell
  • We deliver almost everywhere in California
  • All clones are at least 4-6” tall in coco soil
  • Our products are mites and mildew free
  • Our experienced and friendly staff ready to respond to your questions and resolve any concerns.

Get Complete Assistance in Selecting The Right Clone

We understand the lack of potent information could derail the purpose of making any purchase order. Do not hesitate to reach out to our experts to get some vital information on available clones for sale in Redding.  

If you wish to order in bulk, consult our experts to get the total value of money. We are committed to serving you the best! 

For more information, kindly write to us at Mendobrosweb@gmail.com. Also, you can Text or Call on 707-234-8809 for faster response. We look forward to hearing from you!